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Get your book the attention it deserves

Identify your book's readers

We help you to get your book the attention it deserves by answering the following questions:

Who are potentially interested readers of your book? What is the contact information of the potentially interested readers? How can I inform potentially interested readers?

The advantages of informing potentially interested readers

Bringing your book to the attention of a broader audience makes you more visible in scientific communities and increases your book's citations, sales, and readerships. It enables you to cultivate a more substantial reputation and open up new collaborations and job opportunities.

Why knowing about your book is vital for scholars?

The number of scientific documents overwhelmingly are increasing. Nowadays, researchers are surrounded by hundreds of millions of scientific records. They always try to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest information in subject areas of interest. They use different information channels such as academic databases, search engines, social media, listservs, journal e-alerts, conferences, journal clubs, and informal colleges to accomplish their tasks. Information-seeking takes a considerable time, while researchers often cannot find all of the related documents. Therefore, a group of researchers must know that your book exists because your book fulfills their current information needs.

Author services

We create a worldwide database of researchers' most recent research interests, including their name, email, and institution. We use this database to provide a list of potentially interested researchers and their associated information for any given scholarly book.

Each scholarly book has its unique readers. Researchers constitute one of the main groups of readers of scholarly books. Regarding the researchers' current research interests in science, we assign a list of researchers for any given book. These researchers are more likely than others to buy, cite, and read the book. For example, those researchers who are working on "book marketing" are more likely than others to buy, cite, and read the book titled "How to Market a Book."

We help authors by providing a list of potentially interested researchers for their books, including the researcher's name, email, and address, which could be used to inform them through email, mail, and social media.

Inform your readers by combining our list with your publisher's mail campaigns

Top academic publishers use long-lasting well-established channels to distribute your books and to inform the readers; however, they do not have a database of researchers' current research interests at the micro-level as we have. Top publishers also use mail campaigns to inform subscribers and authors about your book, but their list is much less specific than our list. Hence, by using the emails of potentially interested readers with the publisher's mail campaigns, your book will be introduced more effectively compared to what the publisher will do.

How do you ensure the accuracy of the readers' list?

A list of related scientific documents published by potentially interested readers will be given to you. This list could pretty determine the degree of the accuracy of the provided readers.

How can I give the list of My book's readers?

Just contact us.